Pizza – The Perfect Breakfast

2020-05-07 09:58:03

Fresh and warm or cold from the fridge, pizza is always a great idea for lunch, dinner and midday meal. But what if you can also have your favorite dish early in the morning, for breakfast? Yes, that is right! Although this may sound to you like a bad Sunday morning pizza commercial, you will be surprised to know that according to nutritionists, pizza lovers could be better off than cereal eaters because a single slice of pizza contains more fat and much less sugar than a bowl of cereal breakfast. This article will inform you about the importance of the morning eating habits, as well as explain all the amazing reasons why everybody’s favorite pizza can be the right breakfast option.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day
People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day. But why is that? 
Scientifically proven is that breakfast has the ability to jumpstart your metabolism and, thus, helps you burn more calories throughout your day. That being said, when you eat breakfast, you аre bаsically telling your body that there are plenty of calories to be had for the day. On the other hand, if you decide to skip your breakfast, the message your body gets is that it needs to conserve rather than burn any incoming calories. Therefore, those who regularly skip breakfast tend to have a higher body mass index compared to those who eat in the morning. It might happen that even when you really want to make a perfectly balanced meal for yourself in the morning, it might be impossible due to a barren fridge and a 15-minute countdown to the next train to work or school. However, the first daily meal is something very important for your body and should not be underestimated at all. Here is a short list of some of the main benefits for people who do eat breakfast regularly.
People who do eat in the morning have a lower body mass index
They consume less fat through the day
Have higher daily calcium intake
Have higher daily fiber intake
Show better performance – better memory and attention
Yes, there are many great benefits for your body that come when eating in the morning. However, what goes into a good breakfast is an entirely different matter. Since breakfast is the most important daily meal, it makes good sense that it should be something healthy, nutritious, fiber-rich and also satisfying, so that you will get your fuel to make the best of your day.

Think twice about your morning routine: Pizza over cereal for breakfast 
Stating the obvious, you typically eat different foods at different times of the day. But why should that be so? Since we have already cleared out why breakfast is so important, you probably have a huge list with stuff you do NOT eat first thing in the morning but you definitely do not mind eating them around lunchtime or for dinner. Most commonly, that includes all kinds of junk food, and most specifically, a slice or two of everyone’s favorite food ever – PIZZA! Even though you are a huge pizza enthusiast, you surely do not consider pizza as the perfect breakfast option. Instead, what you most probably do is stick to the usual box of cereals you can find in any supermarket, combined with some milk, and get going for the day. It is a quick and easy option for a busy morning. Cereal actually sounds very normal and reasonable, considering that cold cereals are the most typical breakfast people eat, right? Well, it turns out that cereals are far from being a good breakfast choice. Quite the contrary. It will only take you a quick stroll down the colorful cereal aisle of the supermarket to realize that most of those boxes do not contain anything worthy of starting your day with. Notably, most of this sugar comes from processed foods — and breakfast cereals are in fact among the most popular processed foods that are high in added sugars. All those cereals you know as brands are basically candy in disguise, made up of nearly 50 percent sugar. That being said, it turns out that when having cereal for breakfast, you literally pump your own body with sugar. Starting the day with a high-sugar breakfast cereal will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels. And just a few hours later, your blood sugar will probably crash, meaning that your body will crave another high-carb meal or snack – potentially creating a vicious cycle of overeating.

Now, let’s go back to your beloved pizza. Pizza is like the perfect meal. According to nutritionists, a pizza actually contains protein, carbs, and veggies – not to mention way less sugar! This is actually everything your body needs in order to function right, whereas a bowl of sugary cereal with low-fat milk is not only largely sugar, but also extremely carb-heavy. In contrast, a slice of pizza, typically considered as junk food, actually beasts out the cereal options on store shelves in terms of nutrition. While it still might be a little strange to call your early morning pizza indulgence a healthy option, it is definitely healthier than cereals. So, if you really love pizza, do you need more reasons to start eating pizza for breakfast from now on and forget about those cereal bows you are used to consuming? Instead of waiting for your next pizza night to come, you can just order one for tomorrow to break up your early morning pizza craving!

Important: Choose your ingredients smart – or: what kind of pizza is considered to be good enough for breakfast? 
Even if it is still difficult for you to believe that a slice of your favorite cheesy treat contains more protein and good fats, as well as much less sugar than most cold cereals, it is true. However, whether or not it is such a healthy breakfast option still depends on the type of pizza you choose. So if you are talking about a veggie-loaded, thin whole-grain pizza or the newest pizza trend – activated charcoal pizza crust with plenty of protein – and not a lot of saturated fat compared to a sugar-loaded, low-protein cereal, that can absolutely be a healthier choice for breakfast. On the other hand, if you like your pizza with salami or triple-meat on the white crust, and with tons of cheese, ketchup, and mayo on top, then you probably should think again before including it to your morning routine. But as we said, there is an option to bring your stomach happiness by serving a pizza for breakfast if you go for the right pizza ingredients. The good news is that most pizza places nowadays offer customers to choose their ingredients, as well as the crust. That way, you have the freedom to choose healthy, protein-rich ingredients and make your breakfast nutritious. Let’s now take a look at some of the pizza options that are nutritionists-approved and healthy enough for a morning meal. 

Hummus Pizza
Hummus is made of chickpea and lemon juice and is absolutely amazing and rich in protein. That is why a hummus pizza is a great breakfast idea if you want to be healthy but still be able to enjoy your favorite treat. You simply top a whole-wheat pita with some hummus, veggies of your choice, and herbs. Additionally, you can pair it with an egg for even more protein. 

Kale and Ricotta Breakfast Pizza
Kale and Ricotta sound more like a green smoothie, but it is just a healthy pizza. It is a new, more delicious way to add kale to your morning meal than just a smoothie. You have to start with a thin, whole-grain pizza crust and add a protein double treat – ricotta cheese and a hard-boiled egg – plus kale. 

Smoked Salmon Pizza
This is another great pizza variation you can order for the next morning if you want to start your day with the best meal ever. Salmon is, in fact, one of the best sources of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it a very important part of your diet! Of course, for extra protein, you can always add a hard-boiled egg.
The truth is that even though a pizza is a way more balanced option for breakfast than most of the cereals out there, you can always have an avocado sandwich with a hard-boiled egg and still get your proteins, good fats and the right amount of carbs. However, another truth is that probably every person would choose pizza over anything else for breakfast. And you can totally do it. You just have to consider the value of its ingredients. 

The truth revealed: Is eating last night’s pizza in the morning actually a good idea?
After a long night out, you may feel some junk food craving. Oops, sorry! After a long night out you most probably feel pizza craving! And, of course, you order that extra-large cheesy pizza. You enjoy it but you fail to finish it. But that is completely fine because you can always save it for breakfast the next morning, correct? Leaving a pizza out and eating it at another time is something we have all been guilty of at some point or another. But is pizza actually safe to eat after it is been sitting out for a whole night? Well, the answer depends on the way you store the pizza. In general, if last night’s pizza is all you have in the morning, then go for it – unless it has been sitting out on the counter all night long. Unfortunately for all those people around the world who have committed the sin of eating leftover pizza from last night the morning after, eating anything with cheese or meat after it has been sitting at room temperature for over two hours can lead to food-borne illness.
Yep, sadly, that is true. A pizza that has been left out during the night is a total no-go! On the other hand, if you keep your pizza in the fridge, you can totally consider it clear for breakfast consumption. Lucky you! If your favorite pizza from last night has been refrigerated at a temperature lower than five degrees celsius, it absolutely eatable for up to four to five days, say nutritionists. Of course, it is much safer to just order another pizza in the morning. After the truth that pizza is a better breakfast option than cereals has been revealed, you can call the nearest pizza place and order one warm, veggie delight without feeling guilty about it.

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